Overflow Legal Network is a group of qualified freelance attorneys providing contractual legal support to law firms nationwide.

What we do

OLN has established a new and unique business model in the legal field. Founded as a Limited Liability Company, OLN is not a law firm – We are a support network that provides services to law firms and contract attorneys.

How We Benefit Law Firms

OLN is structured to handle all administrative duties and billing tasks involved in using a contract attorney. We collect details on the contract attorney’s time and submit it to the firm for review. We calculate the amount owed for contract work and send a detailed bill to firms for payment.

How We Benefit Contract Attorneys

As an OLN contract attorney, you can accept work from law firms on an as-needed basis according to your availability. This gives you the flexibility to take on work when your schedule allows it and to negotiate the parameters of each project.

How OLN Works

When we receive a law firm’s request, we connect the firm with a qualified contract attorney in our network specialized in the area of law needed. We then contract directly with our freelance attorney to do the work the firm requested and we handle all the administrative and billing tasks involved during and after the work is completed.

Services We Provide

Our contract attorneys have a wide range of experience in work product including depositions, discovery, law and motion work, court appearances, research, document review, drafting and reviewing contracts, trial preparation, and more. Contact us with questions regarding the needs of your project.

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