Rachel G.

Licensed: California
Family Law, Workers' Compensation, Civil Litigation, Landlord-Tenant Law, Animal Control Law

Rachel G.  graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, and then was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2011. She has performed independent contractor work for other attorneys ever since admission to the Bar. Her experience in independent contractor work is mostly in the fields of workers’ compensation (both on the applicant’s side and on the defense side), as well as family law (divorce, child custody, property division, family support, drafting prenuptial agreements, drafting divorce agreements, mediating cases, and working with parties to collaborative divorces). She has also assisted with landlord-tenant cases (mostly tenants), and small breach of contract cases (mostly plaintiffs). Her work as an independent contractor has included attending hundreds of depositions, making hundreds of court appearances (mostly settlement conferences and status conferences), conducting dozens of mediations (almost always as the sole mediator), drafting dozens of agreements, and appearing for a handful of small trials.

During her first year as an attorney, Rachel founded a practice now known as Cooperative Resolution Options, P.C. This practice is dedicated to no-court dispute resolution; and includes services such as mediation, collaborative resolution, and preventative agreements. Her work in this practice serves to help clients avoid litigation, and wherever possible, help clients to resolve disputes through increasing mutual understanding between parties.

Rachel also has experience has an administrative hearing officer through San Mateo county’s Health Department (since 2013), and has heard and decided several cases brought by Animal Control involving dog bites.

Rachel brings a common-sense, settlement-minded approach to legal work. She works under the principle that in most cases, attorneys who strive for a resolution which is fair and reasonable for all involved save their clients a lot of money and stress; as well as bring their clients the most closure by minimizing the risk that a party will later challenge, or refuse to comply with, an agreement. She works best with clients who seek to resolve cases informally and improve communication with other parties involved.

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