Nyarumba N.

Licensed: New York, Anguilla (British West Indies), United Kingdom (England and Wales)
Start-Ups, Securities, Corporate and Commercial (Contracts Negotiation, Drafting, Review and Litigation), Bespoke Legal Due Diligence Reports (AML, KYC, FCPA, OFAC, PEPs), International Law and Asset Tracing, Local and International (Business, Funds and Trust) Disputes. Creditor Rights

Nyarumba is admitted and in good standing as an Attorney and Counselor-at-Law in New York, a Barrister-at-Law in the United Kingdom (England & Wales) and Barrister and Attorney-at-Law in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Anguilla, BWI).

Nyarumba obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Studies at the well-regarded Inns of Court School of Law, London in 1999 and LLB with Honors in 1998 at Anglia Ruskin University where he was Finalist in the Allen & Overy United Kingdom National Negotiation Competition, 1998, Winner of the University Junior Internal Mooting Competition, 1996, M&G Prize for Student who made the Most Outstanding Contribution to the Life of the Law School, 1997/98 and Tindal Chambers Prize for Advocacy, 1997/98.

Nyarumba manages the risk of compliance, complex and commercial litigation and understands the demand for expert legal advice to Start-Ups, the compliance risks faced by legal communities, corporations, financial Institutions, businesses, hedge funds and advisors.

Nyarumba can conduct Bespoke Legal Due Diligence Reports to meet the needs of evaluating potential investments, business partners and investors or to satisfy Regulatory Compliance requirements (AML, KYC, FCPA, OFAC, PEPs), with an emphasis on high risk jurisdictions whilst further reviewing a wide range of local and international publicly available media sources, publications, federal, state and local regulatory and court databases. He can also make evaluations to determine regulatory exposure and involvement in proceedings which gives insight into a potential subject’s or entity’s corporate alliances, political exposure and general business ethics and practices.

He has accumulated significant international experience in all aspects of the litigation life cycle, from pre-litigation opinions, negotiations, dealing with merits of actions, claims/defenses and settlements of actions to full representation in complex cases in multi-jurisdictional international disputes. His experience extends from international asset tracing, trust and funds disputes to advancing claims for payment in multimillion dollar construction disputes in international jurisdictions.

He uses litigation pre-action protocols to develop and revise appropriate legal strategy for discovery, investigation, handling and trial / hearing of cases or matters and conducts appropriate legal due diligence, discovery, hearings and trials after investigating facts, witness statements for representation in oral arguments, mediation, arbitration and similar proceedings.

Nyarumba also drafts a wide range of Legal Documents, Contracts, Pleadings, Motions, Briefs and Opinions as required to include:

  • Corporate formation and dissolution documentation;
  • LLC operating agreements and shareholder agreements;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Agreements;
  • Employment agreements;
  • Contractor agreements and Termination/Severance agreements;
  • Partnership agreements, Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation agreements;
  • U.S. asset purchase and/or investment agreements;
  • IT related and Outsourcing, Licensing agreements;
  • Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements (Advisory, Administrative, Confidentiality, Management and Service agreements);
  • Asset/Securities/Real Estate Purchase Agreements (Acquisition, Transfer and Sale);
  • Securities Purchase Agreements;
  • Zero Coupon Certificates;
  • Side Letter Agreements;
  • Pledge Agreements;
  • Asset Holding or Management Agreements and
  • Investment Advisory Agreements.

Nyarumba resides within an hour’s commute of New York City, NY with his wife and two dogs. He and his wife own a Rhodesian Ridgeback and an Australian Stub-tail Herder. In his spare time Nyarumba enjoys traveling and meeting people across the full spectrum of life, playing chess and swimming in the ocean.

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