Three Tips on How to Stay Involved in Your Legal Career

Three Tips on How to Stay Involved in Your Legal Career-0

Three Tips on How to Stay Involved in Your Legal Career

Last month the Women in Law Regional Conference was held in Tempe, Arizona and it was a huge success! There were attendees from Utah, Nevada, Colorado and even South Dakota. It was great networking with such inspiring women (and a few brave men, too).

OLN is so proud to have had one of our co-owners and founders, Desiree Nordstrom, present at the conference. Desiree spoke on how to “Stay Involved While Staying at Home,” and she did an excellent job.

Here are some of the highlights I took away from Desiree’s presentation:

Stay in touch with your network

Spend five minutes a day or even ten minutes every other day to send emails, cards or make phone calls to your network. Make sure that this type of connecting is for building relationships, not necessarily just for business. Keeping your connections on a personal level during this time helps with reaching out when you do need a business contact.

Keep your Bar license current

Each state has different requirements for keeping your Bar license active. Keeping your Bar license current encourages you to complete your continuing education requirements. This will keep you abreast as laws change during your time away and is one less requirement you will have to complete when you decide to reenter the profession.

Write a blog / contribute to a blog

Contributing to a blog or even writing your own blog will keep the saw sharp during your time away.  Blogging will  help you in staying up-to-date on what is happening in the world. Blog posts do not have to be strictly legal topics, write what you are passionate about, be creative, and let your personality shine through. You may be surprised at what ends up on the page.

Now it is your turn. What do you/have you done to stay involved while staying at home?


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