Clients, Lawyers and Law Firms Want a Better Deal

Clients, Lawyers and Law Firms Want a Better Deal-0

Clients, Lawyers and Law Firms Want a Better Deal

Lawyers Weekly recently published an article titled, Lawyers want a better deal, by author, Warren Kalinko, CEO of Keypoint Law, an Australian based law firm. The theme throughout the article resonated with me. The author explains four reasons that lawyers are not happy with the way the majority of law firms operate.

First, the author states that excessive billable hour targets cause relentless pressure on attorneys. In addition, many clients do not like the requirement of billable hours because they can feel “over-service[d]” in an effort to meet billable hour goals.

Second, lawyers have difficulty with the current firm models because the overhead costs of most law firms are hard to sustain. Law firms spend big on their brick and mortar locations and lavish events.

Third, Mr. Kalinko points out that many partners feel they lack autonomy and control in their respective firms. They may have the title of “Partner”, but really have no say in the decisions that substantively impact the firm. Anyone below the level of “Partner” also has no realistic chance to have input in decisions that will impact them.

Lastly, big firm lawyers complain of the amount of time that is required for administrative tasks. This can include endless meetings and financial tasks, among others.

It is true that “[l]awyers want a better deal.” And that is exactly how I felt when I transitioned from firm practice to contract lawyer. Eventually, Overflow Legal Network, LLC was created to provide an alternative path for attorneys that want more.

But when you look deeper, it isn’t just the lawyers that want a better deal. It is also the end client. The author of the article points out that clients want lower cost legal services. Hiring a “brand” law firm is a preference of the past. Instead, clients want quality attorney to provide services at a lower cost.

One avenue to cutting costs is outsourcing legal work to qualified contract attorneys. From a financial standpoint, this method is proven to lower the costs to the end client. Contracting attorneys do not have the overhead that big firms must pay. As such, contracting attorneys can charge lower rates for the same level of quality service. This savings can be passed onto a happy end client. And we all know that a happy client will return with more business and will send referrals.

Hiring a freelance attorney will free-up time for the hiring attorney to focus on other demands, both personally and professionally. Doing so basically grants a law firm and hiring attorney a few extra hours in their day.

I agree with Mr. Kalinko when he states that there is a “growing coalescence of forces: Lawyers want a better deal, clients want more value, technology is throwing the field wide open and we are seeing the rise of personal brand relative to firm brand.” The beauty in Overflow Legal Network, LLC is encompassed in this statement. We satisfy all those pulling forces. If you want more control and flexibility as a lawyer, contact us about becoming a freelance attorney in our network. If you are a law firm that wants to provide the value to your end client of quality legal work at a lower costs, contact us and contract the services of one of our freelance attorneys. Overflow Legal Network, LLC is your win-win in this shifting legal market.


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