Don’t Waste Time – Increase Your Productivity

Don’t Waste Time – Increase Your Productivity-0

Don’t Waste Time – Increase Your Productivity

Written by Desiree Nordstrom.

I constantly find myself wishing I had five more hours in my day. I know that I am not alone. But since we cannot make time, instead, we need to save time. With the demands of life, I do not seem to have the time not to be efficient in how and when I get things done. I reschedule, I multi-task, and I do things faster; all in an effort to save time.

Yet in the end, I cannot just drop responsibilities off my plate, so it is my wasted time that needs to go. Yes, I admit that I have moments of wasted time. Below are a few suggested changes that will decrease your wasted time, which in turn will increase your productivity.

Television – Time spent watching shows is no longer available. Occasionally, I get a show in or have news playing while I cook dinner, but mostly, this is time wasted.

Thinking Instead of Acting – How about the time that is spent thinking about all that we have to get done. Then the thoughts of how it will all get done enter. Then the strategizing and what would be the best approach in getting it all done arrives. When, honestly, it would have been possible to check off one of the items on the list during the time that was spent thinking about the list.

Constant Action – Yes, constant action can waste time! If we never take a five minute break, productivity will go down. Take a walk around the office, make a call to a friend, sit in silence or play with your toddler. Taking a moment away can calm us, let us re-focus and be more productive upon our return.

Social Media – I believe this is one of the largest time wasting activities. If we choose to be on social media, we should put limits on it, by making a schedule for it where we get in and get out. I originally wrote, “Try to get in and get out,” but the truth of this is found in Yoda’s words, “Do or do not. There is no try.” If we don’t do it, we get caught in the endless news feed or twitter stream. When the scheduled time is over, painful as it may seem, just log off.

Control – We should not feel that we must maintain control of everything. We can learn to delegate. Do you have an assistant, a co-worker, an employee, a husband or wife who can take something off your plate? Do you need to hire someone or outsource something? We should not be over controlling and caught wasting time because we cannot loosen our grip.

What about you – how do you maximize your time? We would love to hear it.


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