2015 Goals Can Be Achieved With Systems and Objectives

2015 Goals Can Be Achieved With Systems and Objectives-0

2015 Goals Can Be Achieved With Systems and Objectives

Written by Desiree J. Nordstrom, Founding Partner and Attorney, Overflow Legal Network, LLC. 

Welcome to 2015!

Every New Year, many of us set resolutions for the upcoming year.  But, to be honest, very few actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. A Forbes article stated that University of Scranton researchers found that only 8% of Americans actually keep their New Year resolution. Even the word “resolution” has a negative connotation because it resolves a problem.

In 2015, we suggested a different approach to achievement. We suggested putting systems in place to reach goals. This year, we want to expand on those systems that have been set in place over the past year.

We encourage using this 6 step plan to achieve your goals in 2015.

  1. Make a goal.
  2. Set your objective for that goal.
  3. Plan the system needed to achieve the goal.
  4. Adjust your system on a monthly basis.
  5. Persevere and achieve your goal.
  6. Reflect back and learn from the process.

Make a Goal

Set goals and make them S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound.)

Set the Objective

What would it mean to achieve a specific goal? That is the objective. For example, one goal would be to stop drinking soda.  The objective would be saving the money used to purchase the soda and instead, use it to splurge on new clothes after a little weight loss.

Form the System

Next, setup the system that with help achieve that goal. In an effort to ditch soda, one could commit to throwing away all soda in the house at the onset. Also, those around the goal setter could pledge to also stop drinking soda in an effort to be supportive. Purchasing other types of drinks to be available at home would also support the end goal. The goal setter can also keep a bottle of water with him or her when out and about.

Monthly Adjustment

As time passes, you will find that systems should be adjusted to create a clearer path to achieving goals. A method that was once effective may not be when circumstances change. As such, we suggest adjusting on a monthly basis. A monthly check will also keep your eye focused on the end goal.

Goal Achievement

Following the first four steps will set you up for success and you will reach your goal. Congratulations!


Lastly, don’t forget to reflect on the processes. There will always be something to learn from it. And learning from it will better prepare you for the next goal you plan to achieve.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for weak days or regression. Start fresh the next day, adjust and move forward. Overflow Legal Network wishes everyone a successful New Year. Go achieve your goals!


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